Where to Donate Your Car For Money

Maybe you’ve moved to the city and decided you no longer need a car.

You might be downsizing from two cars to one to decrease your carbon emissions or maybe you’re moving abroad. You may even be eligible for a tax break if you donate your car!

Below you’ll find some places in the US where you can donate your car for money.

Where to donate your car for money:

  • DonationLine
    DonationLine will give you a quote to donate your car for money. Visit www.donationline.com
  • Donate A Car
    Donate A Car connects donors with some of America’s most trusted charities. You’ll receive a donation receipt in order to claim your tax reduction. Visit www.donateacar.com
  • Car Talk
    At Car Talk you can donate your car for money, which becomes a welcome donation to the public radio and TV station of your choice, and you are entitled to a tax deduction. Visit www.cartalkvdp.com
  • Green Vehicle Disposal
    Green Vehicle Disposal will pick-up your car for free and most often offer a cash payment. Visit greenvehicledisposal.com
  • All Bay Vehicle Donations
    All Bay Vehicle Donations accept running, non-running, clunkers, insurance totals and scrap cars. Visit www.vehiclerecycling.net

Tip: Be sure to remove any old receipts or papers that are marked with any information that identifies you.