Where to Donate Your Cell Phone

Most people put their cell phone in a box in the basement and forget about them.

Head down to your basement and dig it out! Bring your old cell phone back to life for a good cause.

Below you’ll find some places in the US where you can donate your cell phone.

Where to donate your cell phone:

  • Cell Phones For Soliders
    Cell Phones For Soldiers is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to serving troops and veterans with free communication services and emergency funding. Visit www.cellphonesforsoldiers.org
  • Medic Mobile
    Medic Mobile safely your cell phone to fund healthcare programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Visit www.medicmobile.org
  • Secure The Call
    Secure The Call is charity that provides free 911 emergency-only cell phone to Domestic Violence Centers, Senior Citizen Centers, Police and Sheriff departments. Visit www.securethecall
  • The Wireless Alliance
    The Wireless Alliance specializes in asset recovery and recycling of cell phones. Visit www.thewirelessalliance.com
  • Shelter Alliance
    Shelter Alliance customers have earned over $15 million through the collection and recycling of cell phones. Visit www.shelteralliance.net
  • Hyla Mobile
    Hyla Mobile collects more than 20,000 cell phones each day. Visit www.hylamobile.com

Tip: before you donate your cell phone, remember to reset the device back to it’s factory settings.